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More About Optimove Fall Risk Reduction Program.

Almost 20 years ago my grandmother fell at home.  My grandfather and grandmother moved out of their home of 50 years less than a year later due to fear of falling and safety issues.  Her struggle inspired me to become a physical therapist.  My hope is that I can use my skills and expertise to help prevent falls and decrease fear of falling to keep individuals active and safe. 

Please note - I can not guarantee fall prevention - On average people over 80 years of age fall once per year.  I can help educate and improve balance and strength to minimize risk.  

My goal is provide clients with the ability to continue the activities they love forever.   This program offers one on one balance, tai chi, and rehabilitative exercises and consultation.  The goal of this program is to minimize fall risk. 

Senior man making physiotherapy session with young doctor (woman) - concept of physical th
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