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Sports Injury

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out the answers to some of my most frequently asked questions below. If there’s something you still need to know or an answer isn’t detailed enough, please get in touch for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

What is your new patient procedure?

  When you scheduled an appointment your therapist will gather additional information needed for your first visit.


You therapist will assist in any paperwork that needs to be completed.  Because Cash pay options do require insurance approval the paperwork is minimal.

Wear comfortable clothing that allows your therapist to access any painful or restricted joints or muscles for evaluation and treatment.   For example if you are being seen for your knee, please wear shorts.

Your therapist will show up at your home or office at the scheduled time with the treatment table and necessary equipment.  

Your Evaluation will start with detailed discussion that includes your past medical history, current condition, life style and goals.

Tests and measures pertaining to your condition and goals will be performed.  This may include goniometric measurements, objective observation, joint mobility and range of motion testing, ergonomic evaluation, fall risk / balance assessment, soft tissue assessment.  

Treatment starts the first visit and will be tailored to address your limitations, activities and goals.


What types of health insurance do you accept?

Optimove does not accept insurance. 

Our concierge physical therapy is a pay-for-service model for that involves customized delivery of services along with customized payment methods. This allows you to decide how long and what you receive your care for without third party restrictions.    

Luna Care Physical Therapy does accept insurance.  Before we schedule we can discuss what option is best for you.  Visits through the Luna platform are 45 - 55 minutes long and follow guidelines established by your insurance provider.  Inital visits will be scheduled through Luna care physical therapy.  I provide Luna your name, number, and e-mail and they contact you directly to schedule.


Do I need a doctor’s referral?

Referrals are not needed for wellness programs or cash pay services

You may or may not need a referral if you are going through insurance.  Luna care will check for you. 

How much will this cost

Luna Care Physical Therapy - You are only responsible for your insurance co-pay. 

 Wellness session $30 - $70  depending on length of session

Optimove Cash pay Concierge Physical Therapy - $90 per hour

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